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Hair loss affects millions of people across the globe. Both men and women are affected by hair loss, or alopecia, and the effects can be very devastating for both sexes. It can impact their self-esteem, self-confidence and the way they carry themselves. After all, a full head of hair is deemed attractive for both sexes, especially for women. While there are several different things a person can do to treat hair loss, an up-and-coming procedure that many are turning to is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

The new hair-loss treatment that everyone is talking about is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, which is a safe and effective way to promote new hair growth in millions of patients. It originally originated in Europe decades ago and is used in other medical areas, including dentistry and orthopedics. But most recently, it’s been used to treat hair loss and board-certified dermatologists are now recommending it to patients suffering from alopecia.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment involves a three-step process, where blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, placed into a special machine and then injected back into their scalp. It’s a fairly easy procedure to complete and doesn’t take long to do. However, a patient will need to undergo several sessions to see optimal results.

Why Plasma Is So Effective?

Plasma is what fuels new hair growth when injected at the follicle level of a patient’s scalp. It’s a component of your blood that has both white blood cells and platelets, which have lots of growth factors in it. It’s these growth factors that support new cell growth in a patient looking to remedy their hair loss. These growth factors stimulate new blood vessels to form, which also provides more blood flow to help in hair growth.

How Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Works

A patient looking to enhance hair growth with Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment will need to get their blood drawn from their arm. Then that blood is placed in a special canister that will then be used in a special machine that will separate the blood into different layers. The board-certified doctor will use the layer of blood that’s filled with platelets rich in growth factors to inject into the patient’s scalp with a syringe in order to stimulate new hair growth. The plasma is injected in strategic areas on the scalp and the procedure is pretty invasive. Patients might need a bit of numbing cream for the minimal pain, while others don’t really need any pain medication and can return to work or their daily activities right after the treatment session is complete.

After the first treatment, injections are then repeated once a month for the next three consecutive months. After that regime is over, patients will need to resume injections once every three to six months after that. However, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment will need to be done at least once a year for maintenance and to continue to see results.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Results

Patients should expect to see results within a month or two after treatments. They won’t see results overnight and they’ll need to be patient. They’ll notice they are losing less amounts of hair each day and will start to see new hair growth in patches that were previously going bald. After around six months, patients will start to see an increase in the thickness of their hair and eventual regrowth. To maintain these results, it’s recommended that hair loss patients do at least one more Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment each year after for the long-term.

Although, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment can help many, it works best for patients who have recently been experiencing hair loss. If you’ve experienced hair loss for five years or longer, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment might not be as effective given the hair follicles have already died and can’t be restarted as effectively as current hair loss patients.

One’s hair growth cycle is also a factor in how successful Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is. A person’s hair grows in stages with a dormant period, fast growth period and then a period of shedding, with those three steps continuously repeating themselves. That’s why patients need more than one session, happening at the same time during their hair’s fast growth period.

Patients are also asked to avoid doing anything that will hinder new hair growth, such as undergoing chemical treatments or using certain hair products that contain sulfates. But usually, hair loss patients will see the best results in three to six months if following the recommended Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment plan.

Many board-certified dermatologists also recommend combining hair loss treatments, with Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment one such option in a treatment plan. When combined with other hair loss treatments, a patient’s success rate can practically double! Even though Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is a great option for any type of hair loss, it’s best used for those dealing with male and female pattern hair loss, as well as alopecia areata.

The Cost for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment can be very effective in treating hair loss in patients and since they need multiple sessions, the price will depend on a number of factors. The cost of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment will depend on where they live, how severe their hair loss is and what type of hair loss they have. At Arizona Stem Cell Therapy Clinic, we are more than happy to work with your on figuring out the best treatment for your needs. Also, keep in mind, for a person who has tried various at-home topical solutions, supplements and other treatments, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment can be a very beneficial option and the answer to their hair loss woes.

To see if you’re a good candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, give Arizona Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Arizona a call and learn how you can benefit from this innovative treatment.


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